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International Missions

LifeWay Church is committed to missionary work around the world. We have missionaries in Russia, Guatemala, and Tanzania. We partner directly with other world organizations like World Vision and International Missions Board to minister to people and share the gospel to people in other countries.


LifeWay Church has been digging deep into Russia for many years. From church planting in Bryansk Russia to summer camps sponsored by LifeWay Church and the local church’s that we are working with. We are excited about our work in Russia. Scott and Diane have officially become IMB and are now in Bryansk, Russia full time. They began their journey there on October 7, 2011.


Working with the “Bee” people of Indonesia, LifeWay both supports in-country missionaries and sends some of our own members to help with ongoing projects.


Mark and Kim Agrellas have returned to the states and have moved to Moses Lake, WA. They are still strong supporters and organizers of our work in Guatemala.


In March 2011, LifeWay Church began a partnership with World Vision to bring hope to the communities of Buliisa, Uganda. We are supporting World Vision’s time-tested model of community transformation for meaningful and lasting change.


Mark and Hannah Bustrum are church planters in Lisbon, Portugal, where they were appointed by the IMB (International Missions Board). Their focus in Lisbon is with the multiple socio-economic levels and geographical neighborhoods within the city. Mark and Hannah have 3 children, they both grew up in Kenya as children of missionaries.

Other partnerships

LifeWay Church also supports other mission focused businesses for broad Global work. These include the International Mission Board and World Vision.