Sundays at 9 & 10:45

Matt Keiswether

God has worked in so many amazing ways in my life. He called me from an early age to pursue Him with my whole heart and that has made all the difference. He has saved me and called me to Himself. Through joyful service of Him he is sanctifying me; constantly calling me to follow Him more fully. And He continues to bless me! He has given me a beautiful wife and two adorable kids. He has provided us a home and recently a van! He has provided for us in ways that we could not have imagined!

God called me out of the career that I was pursuing to be in ministry. Originally, I was pursuing a career in teaching history. My desire has always been to work with youth and I hoped to have meaningful connections with students for the sake of Christ in the public school system. God, however, closed the door for me to continue pursuing my career and opened the door for me to serve in youth ministry. He has since shown me the depth of relationship and investment that is possible with students that I wouldn’t have had in the public school system.

My passion is to see youth grow into mature believers who are genuine in their faith and love of God and His work. I have seen God work in amazing ways in students’ lives and continue to see His amazing love draw students nearer to Him. It is so awesome to be a part of God’s work in these students’ lives and to witness their growth and maturity. We have also seen the desire for service grow in these students as they begin to see that God’s plan for their life includes making a difference in the world! It is so amazing to see students develop their understanding of their place in the church of God around the world!